OT - Oliver Treutlein GmbH, Meerbusch

Each carpet is made by a unique machine - it has five fingers and is known as " Hand".

Carpet Enthusiast, which will touch your senses with beauty, perfection and creative richness.

Founded in 1985 by Oliver Treutlein - Finest Handcrafted Carpets - specialises in the manufacture, design and installation of handcrafted, exclusive one-off carpets and high quality rugs.

Over the years, Oliver Treutlein has developed into a leading international designer and manufacturer of carpets.

The carpet is created in their production and is made according to given designs or individually on your request in all sizes, colours, shapes and the pile materials linen, silk, New Zealand virgin wool, Tencina, Bamboo, Lotus, cotton, artificial yarn and in case of special technical safety requirements also in non-flammable antistatic finish. Their work is characterised by high quality products, sensitive handling of design and colour, reliable scheduling and a comprehensive service.

The material you select is hand-tufted in their production facility according to your design specifications and wishes onto a carrier net of any length and max. 9.20 m width and left as bouclé and/or sheared as velour in any pile heights.

Contours can also be emphasised by notch cuts, surfaces and patterns can be supplemented with applications of precious metals.

The finished carpet, the data of which is archived for at least 10 years, is delivered to you by our in-house staff and made up on site using all currently possible laying techniques.

Web: www.olivertreutlein.com