NOBILIS Fontan, Paris

A new awareness of living

It is the pure passion for the beautiful and the special that inspires them in their work every day.

Founded in 1928 - Mr Adolphe Harald opened his first boutique at 29 rue Bonaparte, Paris, between the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Ecole des Beaus Arts.

Surrounded by renowned painters, he became the editor of wallpaper and fabric collections that expressed the sensibility of contemporary painters.

The Esprit NOBILIS was born.

NOBILIS shapes trends on an international level, represents as a brand, French culture, but remains open to what is new in this world.

High quality, sophisticatedly staged, from the famous classics to chic designs - the collections are characterised by their individual creativity, the versatility of material combinations, motifs and colours, as well as by specially developed innovative techniques.

In order to show a large number of NOBILIS creations to the younger audience as well, the Atelier Saint - Germain line was founded in 2014, which includes modern creations at attractive prices.

In addition to the original - designer of fabrics and wallpapers - they developed their own sofa and furniture collection which is becoming increasingly popular.