In 1981 Harald Pflüger founded the trading agency PFLÜGER.

For the company Moquette Industrie Deventer, where he had previosly been employed for ten years, he used his expertise as well as his good contacts and continued to develop and expand the market for M.I.D. Carpets.

Exclusive furnishing houses, interior decorators, interior designers and architectural offices were among the agency´s trusted contacts from the very beginning.

The coming together of three men led to the birth of today´s established brand: OT - Oliver Treutlein GmbH, Meerbusch. Professor Manfred Bremeier, Oliver Treutlein and Harald Pflüger shared the tasks of design + production, marketing and sales and developed a small but a very fine collection. Oliver Treutlein quickly established himself as a brand for handmade unique carpets and high quality fitted carpets.

In 1991 Harald Pflüger´s son Lars joined the sales agency. It was the aim of both of them that the name PFLÜGER should in future not only stand for high-quality carpets and rugs, but also include other interior design products for interior furnishings.

The splendour of Venetian palazzi completed the picture:

In 1998, the decorative and upholstery fabrics of Rubelli Venezia were added.

In 1999, the trading agency PFLÜGER changed its name to PFLÜGER KG. One year later, Harald Pflüger died suddenly and unexpectedly. A valuable and charismatic person was missing, not only in the family but also in the industry.

Since then, Lars Pflüger has continued to run the company in the spirit of his father, and in exchange, the traditional and owner-managed brand Nobilis Fontan, Paris were added in 2016. The portfolio was rounded off in 2020 by thesign AG, Rorschacherberg.